Travler is a travel lifestyle brand that features handcrafted goods for the on-the-go adventurer. The inception of the business and the brand started with a case study on the use of POV cameras while exploring.

I discovered that 90% of GoPro users bought their camera for one adventure only to have the camera sit on the shelf to collect dust. I came up with a solution that gets people excited about getting out and exploring with their new found way to carry and use their POV camera.

The leather camera case for GoPro created a new user experience for adventure enthusiasts. The product and the brand we're then developed and launched on Kickstarter in 2015.

The brand has since grown to over 22K followers on Instagram, and we've developed additional soft goods, apparel and a backpack line. You can find Travler's products on the website or on Amazon Prime.


- Drove $200K in Rev.

- Acquired over 22K followers on Instagram.

- Shipped to 42 countries.

- Raised $30k through initial crowd-funding campaign.


The Travler camera case created a whole new category for this product. Since launch, there have been over 100 competitors that have popped up looking to take a piece of the action.

The product is the top result on Amazon, for keywords: 'leather GoPro case'. The products are showcased as Amazon Choice, for being highly rated, readily available, and appropriately priced.

4.5 out of 5 stars.



When I created the Travler camera case for GoPros, I wasn't intending to build a brand, I merely hoped that a few people would want the product. However the response was so positive and encouraging that it became impossible to not allow the brand to grow. From this experience I gained a firm understanding that a brand is the way a community feels about a product, an idea, and a team. The logo, font type, color scheme, etc are all small elements that contribute to the brand.

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